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Technimétal protect - fabrication et pose de porte métallique - Belgique - Hainaut - Charleroi - Présentation PDF Print E-mail

With 20 years of experience, Technimetal Protect ensures the production and placement of metal doors of all kinds.

Located in Hainaut, the company is active in both Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France. It also strives for the time to develop contacts with other countries such as Germany, Poland, ...

Designer solutions, Protect Technimetal share the idea that everything is possible in the factory. This may be normal doors, armored, waterproof, fire 30 ', 60', 90 ', 120', shielded radiological, burglary, sound, ... The company is there to analyze, study and be listening to his client to the best advice from the solution to any problem.

The company also offers installation of doors, carried out by licensed and qualified fitters, who have forged a solid investment experience of highly complex metal assemblies.

Technimetal Protect also works well for private customers, for companies of renowned national and international, or for public institutions.